Who am I?


”Marcus is a positive coworker with a good pedagogical ability and with good knowledge about post production of digital moving pictures as well as images. I can wholeheartedly recommend Marcus for upcoming commissions.”
Paul Carlsson,

Former head of department, technology and aesthetics, Blekinge Institute of Technology


My name is Marcus Herbertsson. I’m a freelancing VFX/Compositor/Moviemaker/Teacher,
living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I believe that every movie or short have a purpose that wants to be eyecatching in some way or form. My goal is always to create the most memorable movies I can with focus on the end product whether it is the idea itself, vfx or filming.

In my work I spend a great deal of detail in every frame that I do aiming to get the most convincing end result as possible.  I sincerely believe that if you aim to always challenge yourself in every work you constantly develops as an artist.

Because of my education as an Image Producer (180 CET Digital Image Production) I have wast experience not only as a moviemaker, but also has knowledge in  VFX/Composites, as an interviewer, motion graphic artist, lighter  and a cameraoperator. I do and can do every stage of videoproduction from pre to post which makes me flexible.

If you have anything in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas.