Teaching courses


Spending two years teaching och developing Digital Visual Production at Blekinge Institute of Technology I’ve learned alot of how you should tackle people in a learning situation. I think a perfect balance between learning yourself and having support is what makes people learn faster. If you are a teacher yourself or just want education for your company don’t hesitate to contact me!

I offer courses in:

Photoshop – I think its essential for any image producer to have knowledge in Photoshop. Its such a versatile tool that you can use it in conjunction with any of the tools down below.  A must have for anyone who thinks of getting started in image producing. Beginner – Advanced.

Premiere Pro – Ever thought of starting to film and edit your own movies? Premiere is a great tool to getting started with just that and at the same time works great with both after effects and photoshop. Beginner – Advanced

After Effects – A great beginners program to get started in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Depending on your needs I can offer a beginners – advanced course and / or a bigger package including a bit of history / teaching in Special Effects, Motion Graphics and Animation.

 Mocha Pro – A great tool for taking Special effect s to the next level. Learn what planartracking is and begin to sniff at higher levels of VFX. I offer a beginners course.

MatchMover – Integrate 3D and filmed material seemlessly. A must have for advanced special effects! I offer a beginners course.

Of course, all this can be discussed. Go to my contact page and send out a mail!